4 July 2010

CSWY Has Moved!!

After much planning 'Can't Smile Without You' has now taken up residence in a snazzy new neighbourhood around the corner at Wordpress.

New surroundings can be found around here so drop by when you get the chance.

When you get there you will find some reviews of last season and also a round up of Spurs at the World Cup waiting there for your enjoyment.

Drop by whenever you can, I'll probably just be sitting on the floor bursting bubble wrap.


7 May 2010

Play Them Off Johnny...

Our last game of this magnificent season comes against a doomed Burnley side wanting to send their fans off with a smile. With our Champions League fate sealed we should be going to Turf Moor to show them exactly how ruthless this league can be.

Whilst I sympathise with Burnley's beleagured fans, who have been terrific this season, I have none for them as a club. Plucky under Owen Coyle they looked pretty good value to stay up against the odds down to their impressive home form. Once he left for rivals Bolton the decison to hire Brian Laws as his replacement was their sign of throwing in the towel. I appreciate he was at the club as a player and is probably very passionate but the Burnely boards lack of ambition at finding a more experienced, accomplished candidate made their relegation inevitable.

I want us to be merciless, go for the jugular and end this season on a high. We go there, under no pressure, to the worst defence in the league. We beat them man for man in every area of the pitch, Defoe and co. should be licking their lips at the prospect. Let's fill our boots and rack up the goals for column. We beat them by five at WHL, hell PSB managed to put away four against them, so is Arsenal's goal difference totally out of our reach? Arsene always says when he's adrift of the title race, you're not out of it until it's mathmatically impossible so, however unlikely, third should be our aim going into this match.

It might be possible that I'm getting a little carried away, still trying to prise myself from the ceiling after our mid-week win. Believe me and this is all tongue firmly in cheek but Audere Est Facere my friends, Audere Est Facere.

So 0-11, Arsenal-Fulham draw and 3rd in the bag anyone??

6 May 2010

What Could We Use To Collect Mr. Hansen's Tears?


Something we've lacked for years. Something that looks fudging marvellous in lilywhite and something wonderful on show last night.

When Gary Linekar tentatively enquired about our Champions League prospects, (pretty much every week bless him) a few telling contributions from the former scoucers now were laid bare. 'Spurs will always let you down' crowed Hansen whilst Lawrenson simply and emphatically answered 'No'. Gary has been waiting as long as us to stick it up the bollocks to them both and I can’t wait for MOTD this weekend.

Whist being completely aware of the incredibly bitter undertones of the above statement you couldn’t really question their logic. For years Spurs have consistently underachieved, let themselves down, and we as fans know all too well having been badly burned numerous times before. Realistically not many would have been surprised if we had capitulated last night in typical Tottenham fashion. The tangible apprehension felt prior to kick off and subsequent elation at the result prove how monumental and a little unexpected our Champions League qualification has been. I still find myself pinching my arm fat, maybe a nipple twist for good measure, just to make sure it’s not all a dream.

Much of our remarkable improvement this season has been the belief and mental ruggedness Harry has got coursing through the veins of this squad. Throughout the campaign we have suffered disappointments but rather letting those manifest into slumps of poor form as we have done in the past we have reacted with gusto. To use serially relegated Iain Dowie’s wonderfully ironic buzzword, shown awesome ‘bouncebackability’. It’s that which left us victorious last night, it’s that which has got us fourth and it’s that which can be shoved down the throat of those two unbearable melters on the MOTD couch.

The game itself was one seen through hazy, drunken eyes. My own mental strength succumbed to the whims of getting pissed in order to be able to tolerate watching it. Every player deserves credit however a few stand out performances on the evening caught the eye, starting before a ball had even been kicked.

Harry Redknapp set the tone for the night with his team selection, he himself refusing to bottle it by recalling Sarge back into the fold. Ball’s out attack was his message opting with Lennon and Bale either wing and the Moddlestone combination given faith in the middle of the park. All in all quite the smashing looking midfield bubbling with creativity and intent. Kaboul quite rightly retained his place after his remarkable performance against Bolton and Pav quite rightly lost his place to Crouch after a series of abject performances. Fitness worries King and Gomes declared themselves ready for duty undoubtedly giving a massive lift to the whole team.

Gomes returned between the sticks for yet another clean sheet. Had only a couple of saves to make and he made them. One terrifying heart in mouth moment when the ball bounced off Bale was cleared up by the Octopus but it wasn’t his goalkeeping that was the highlight of his performance but his frenzied celebration at Crouchies goal. He celebrates every goal but the wide eyed roar from him was as passionate as the most fervent fan. I love our mental Brazilian and wouldn’t trade him for any other keeper in the world.

Carlos Tevez commented recently that Daws was the best defender he has played against and I can’t see his opinion changing anytime soon. Awesome Dawson was simply incredible again. I have forever banished from my memory the nervy displays he was capable of as he now looks to be as composed a defender in the league. Many congratulations for his Player of the Season award which has been richly deserved by such a top bloke.

What more can be said of Ledley King? He doesn’t deserve superlatives anymore because every single one will never come close to doing him justice. Had a perfectly good goal cruelly disallowed but again just looked comfortable all game. Any high ball was dealt with and although City’s crossing was poor Ledley was always there, in the way of everything. Another world class performance. Ordinarily I would go mental at the thought of Ledders going on international duty preferring him wrapped snugly in cotton wool over Summer but if there is any player deserving of a World Cup place then it’s him. Cappelo simply has to select him and Dawson for the squad, it would be a disgrace if he doesn’t pick both.

Kaboul…where the hell have those last two performances come from? Harry admitted that Youness isn’t a right back. Well on this form he certainly could be. I’d imagine having Kaboul running at you would be like a fridge coming toward you at thirty miles an hour. Simply terrifying. Widely recognised as being our weak link, Bellamy was expected to expose his defensive frailties. Not only did he comfortable contain Bellamy he also found time to support Azza in attack and his sterling work for the goal was testament to the effort shown by the big Frenchman. Am I the only one who see’s real promise with Kab at right back?

Our match winner, Peter Crouch put in the kind of performance he is so capable of. Although there was an element of long ball to our play Crouch showed good touches, awareness and clever distribution . Last night was a world away from the wasteful performances we have seen a bit too frequently from the lanky fella and he fully deserved the goal and acclaim. Toure and Kompany were unable to contain him, he could have scored three on the night, but it wasn’t just his attacking threat which impressed. He proved a useful foil to the hard working Defoe, defended set pieces manfully and maintained possession at crucial times. His goal alone was worth £9million spent on him and hopefully we can see him step up like this more often.

I could wax lyrical about every player on the pitch but I’d keep you here a while. Lovely to see Azza starting, Baler worked hard and we refused to be bullied in central midfield. BAE maturely handled the threat of both Johnson and Wright-Phillips. Bentley, Pav and Willy P came off the bench and played their part too. Ultimately as a team we wanted it more and we thoroughly deserved it. City in the end didn’t really provide much of a threat, especially in the second half and looked dejected and resigned to defeat after we scored. I’m sure it was massively disappointing for their fans but they should be safe in the knowledge that they will get there a lot quicker then we managed it. On the day and over the course of the season we were better then them.

Lovely to see every player celebrate with the fans at the final whistle. The support was once again terrific and something for the club to be truly proud of. Everyone at the club should be proud, this squad has earned the success and achievement this season and I can barely contain my excitement.

Spurs have the opportunity to dine at the top table in Europe next season. Don’t you just love it!